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Antique Archtop Parlor Acoustic Guitar Parts Restore Luthier Project Vintage,NEW FULL SIZE 4/4 VIOLIN+Everything You Need & LESSONS,ANTIQUE 4/4 HOPF VIOLIN CIRA END OF 19TH CENTURY,EARLY 20TH C,Antique Parlor Acoustic Guitar Parts Restore Luthier Project Vintage Oak slotted,BANKRUPCY-FULL SIZE DARK FLAMED 4/4 GERMAN VIOLIN FIDDLE-WITH CASE AND BOW,1914 Fourier-Magnier 4/4 Violin Mirecourt France Sweet Warm Tone No Reserve,High quality blue color glass fiber violin case, 4/4 size, NEW 4/4 FULL SIZE GERMAN VIOLIN FIDDLE- CASE, BOW,ROSIN & SETUP INCLUDED,4/4 Old Antique Violin - Labeled 1680,German violin 4/4 Karl Hofner,Lothar Seifert violin bow 4/4 silver ,NEW SIZE 4/4 3/4 1/2 1/4 1/8 VIOLIN+EVERYTHING YOU NEED,BANKRUPCY-FULL SIZE DARK FLAMED 4/4 GERMAN VIOLIN FIDDLE-WITH CASE AND BOW,OLD VIOLIN NICE MAPLE BACK AND SIDES,NEW 4/4 FLAMED ADULT SIZE BLUEGRASS FIDDLE/VIOLIN-WITH CASE AND BOW, Old Antique Vintage 1 Pc Back "Amatus " Violin - No Reserve, VIOLIN JOSEPH GUARNERIUS FECIT CREMONAE ANNO 1714 IHS,NEW ADVANCED 4/4 FULL SIZE CONCERT VIOLIN/FIDDLE-GERMAN,Stradivarius violin copy, needing restoration, Made in Germany with nice case,antique violin, needs restoring,Vintage violin. 1696 ---Jacobus Stainer in Ab Fam Prope Oenipontums 1696 ,New Helmke Viotti Glossy 4/4 Size Violin Fiddle w/Locking Case Bow ,Antique Joh Bapt Schweitzer 4/4 violin excellent sound quality vintage,BEAUTIFUL NEW SOLID 4/4 FULL SIZE CELTIC IRISH VIOLIN/FIDDLE,NEW FULL SIZE 4/4 STUDENT BLACK VIOLIN +LESSON+$39TUNER,OLD ITLAIAN LABELED&BRANDED VIOLIN RICCARDO ANTONIAZZI 1897 4/4 SIZE,ANTIQUE FINE VIOLIN 23" CURLY MAPLE WITH BOW AND ORG CASE 1 FAMILY OWNED BEAUTY,NEW FULL SIZE 4/4 EBONY VIOLIN +LESSONS+BOOK+SETUP+BOWS,Strad Copy ! A T19 Violin Antique Varnish,Free shipping bailin brand violin 4/4 3/4 1/4 1/2 1/8 Includes case and rosin,Professional Violin, 4/4 Otto Benjamin,VIOLIN 4/4 Scale FULL Size NATURAL WOOD FIDDLE Travel Case Rosin Bow NEW SET,Opera Stradivari Cremonese 1715 Violin #4995. Big Powerful tone with great setup,"Stradivarius guseto" Copy , A M19+ Violin Double Purfling!,New Helmke Viotti 4/4 Full Size Violin Fiddle w/ Case, Bow, & Rosin,Very old violin , VINTAGE, FINE !!! LOOOOK !!,The Francesca Masterpiece Violin ca.1694. #4953. Ebay Platinum Seller,AUTHENTIC OLD FRENCH 4/4 COLLIN MEZIN VIOLIN ,AMERICAN VIOLIN CASE...FULL SIZE...BLUE INTERIOR,FINE OLD VIOLIN - ANTIQUE, LOOK!!!!!,

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